“Leave everything to me. I don’t need help!”

She was born to be a promising talent as a kendo girl. But she became a cold-hearted girl beacuse of an unfortunate event in the past


“I wish to go back in time, before all of this happened.”

He came to this modern world before he could heal his wounded heart from old memories.


“No doubt! Ulsiz' car is the most delicious thing I've ever eaten!”

The second life-saving Android...
She consumes metal as her energy source.


“Ladies! I will protect you.”

His cheesy quotes always get him rejected. But in actuality he is just an archer with a pure heart.


“I want to sing a song that can give you strength.”

She is a former popstar, but now she uses her magic voice to save the world. A very reliable partner on tough journeys.


“It's not polite to ask to a teen girl whether she is a wolf or human.”

She has the ability to turn into a wolf. It shocks her as well, but she is able to overcome it by having a bright personality.


“I will hunt everyone down who dares to mess with Roll!”

For enemies, he is the most fearful Android but for Roll, he is no more than a brother with a sister-complex.

Twenty years ago,
a UFO was sighted for the first time in human history.

It could not be approached by any human technology
and merely floated in the sky unresponsive..

No one knew what
it was after...

As time passed, the shock died down.
The UFO wasn't even regarded as special anymore.

Some even forgot of its existence.

That was . . .

until today!

All around the world,
people were knocked out by a strange light
that emitted from the sky.

They awoke in unfamiliar locations
with altered states of being.
Some lost their minds and wandered,
helpless and deranged...

It was the special few who received strange and awesome powers,
transforming into
the Heroes of Tomorrow!